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Engineers today use speadsheets and programs for even the most simple tasks. Most  "packs" for calculations have a cost not affordable by independent professionals. Find here free and accessible cost alternatives.


What is available here are open source and freeware programs (with or without limitations) for download. From small and simple to Finite Element solvers, all are useful engineering tools. Programs are property of the developers and specific terms and conditions must be respected.


Programs were downloaded and made available here or have a link to other sites, respecting the instructions of the authors.



CuveSnap A free image curve extract tool that is simple and easy to use. Five minutes to digitize a curve and export the data. For digitizing curves on-line (no download), there is also WebPlotDigitizer, on LINKS page.

CalculiX is a package for solving problems by the finite element method. With CalculiX Finite Element Models can be build, calculated and post-processed. The solver is able to do linear and non-linear calculations. Static, dynamic and thermal solutions are available.  The pre-processor is able to write mesh related data for nastran, abaqus, ansys, code-aster and for the free-cfd codes dolfyn, duns, ISAAC and OpenFOAM. 

code-aster2.jpg  Code_Aster and Salome-Meca - Code_Aster is a free finite element solver.  It covers a large range of applications : 3D thermal, mechanical, linear and non-linear statics and dynamics analysis. It also compiles fatigue, damage, fracture, contact, geomaterials, porous media, multi-physics coupling. Salome-Meca is a pre and post processor for Code_Aster. Both are free and have tutorials, user's forums and support.

Scilab logo  Scilab is a free, open source software for numerical computation  in engineering and scientific applications (an alternative to Matlab). Hundreds of mathematical functions and a high level programming language allowing access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical functions.

3D XML - Free program from Dassault Systemes that allows the visualizatioin of 3D XML files. Extremelly useful for visualization of CATIA models (stp file, for example) on your PC and generating pictures for report.

WinMerge - File comparison utility easy to use and extremelly useful for comparing txt files. Check of modified NASTRAN data files (bdf) has never been so easy.

elmer-logo Elmer is an open source FE software for numerical solution of partial differential equations and multiphysical problems. It includes models for structures, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics etc. Main features include modern user interface based on Qt, user community and support of different element types.

DatPlot Logo

DatPlot is a freeware plotting program developed by an engineer, for the needs of engineers. Engineer’s Tool Kit participated in its Beta testing. From raw data to report ready plots in under five minutes. It has basically all necessary capabilities for plotting engineering data including, but not limited to: Data Source Swap, Event Line Placement, Dynamic Zooming and Panning, Strip Chart Format, Left and Right Y-Axis, Logarithmic Scales, Text Annotation and Line Drawing. Plotting has never been easier.


QBlade is an open source wind turbine calculation software, integrated into XFOIL (airfoil design and analysis tool). This integration allows the design of custom airfoils and  calculation of their polars, extrapolation of polar data to a range of 360° and directly integration in a wind turbine rotor-simulation. This precious tool for wind turbine engineers is made available by courtesy of the Chair of Fluid DynamicsInstitute of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Acoustics of the Technical University of Berlin ( TU Berlin)

MathGV4 (556 KB)

Freeware program for plotting Cartesian, Polar and Cylindrical functions. Plots 2D and 3D functions and has many additional tools.

Atlas for Windows (793 KB)

Freeware program for plotting beam moment and shear diagram.


Very small, DOS based program, that calculates Mach number, true air speed, equivalent air speed or calibrated air speed when one of these speeds is given. Structures engineers sometimes have interface with flight tests. This simple program can be precious. The program opens a window when you double click on it and gives all instructions for use. 3

It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose. It is an open-source office software suite for spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, graphics, database and more. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can read and write files from other common office software packages.

LISA 7.4.0

LISA is a finite element analysis package with modeler, solver and post-processor. It is free to download and use up to 1300 nodes. This limit can be removed with a license of a really affordable price. The types of analysis that can be done are Static, Thermal, Modal vibration, Dynamic Response, Fluid, Buckling,  Acoustic and Electromagnetic & Electric.