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Regulations – Wind Turbines 


The search for regulations for Wind Turbines is not as easy as for the aerospace sector. Most of the regulations we found for Wind Turbines are copy-righted, cannot be downloaded, stored, distributed and so on. But, of course, you can buy them.

Engineers' ToolKit gives a link to the new DNV regulation for offshore wind turbine structure (for download) and continues searching for more regulations necessary for engineering activities. The FAA regulation on obstruction to air navigation (wind farms in the USA close to airports) also included. 


DNV-OS-J101 Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures September 2011 

FAR Part 77 Objections Affecting Navigable Airspace

FAA requirements (USA) that affect wind farms close to airports (in pdf format). Also Part 77 in txt format. The basics of this regulation are explained on FAR Part 77 Basics and on a presentation by Dr. A. A. Trani: FAR Part 77 - Obstructions to Navigation