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From Aviation Week & Space Technology
October 27th
The aerial refueling capability will extend the range and persistence of the U.S. Navy’s Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to at least 7 hr., up from the current 4-6 hr. read more
October 27th
Some see a Republican-controlled Senate as a plus for the Pentagon No matter who holds the majority in the Senate after the November midterm election, the fate of defense spending in the fiscal 2016 budget will be t...
October 27th
Mitsubishi delineates a test plan as it rolls out its regional jet prototype At the rollout of Mitsubishi’s MRJ regional prototype, the first look was greeted enthusiastically; now come the all-important flight test...
October 27th
New E-2D radar to counter cruise missile threats over land and sea The new Hawkeye provides a much improved UHF radar antenna useful for finding targets that are hard to see in other bands, such as cruise missiles an...
October 27th
Certified manned-aircraft avionics could help UAS enter civil skies Steeped in manned-aircraft experience but with a burgeoning unmanned-aircraft avionics business, Rockwell Collins is working to help UAVs fly in the...
October 27th
Australia, investing in more air transports, also considers fighters for its navy The F-35s would reintroduce fixed-wing combat aircraft to Australian naval service after a gap of more than 30 years. However, the mov...
From FlightGlobal
October 23rd
Saab says it is on track to sign a contract with Brazil to provide its air force with the Gripen NG multirole fighter, following the nation's selection of the type for a 36-aircraft purchase in December 2013.
October 22nd
​Three global investment firms have launched a new leasing service – dubbed Global Jet Capital – with more than $2 billion in available financing catering to the large-cabin, long-range business jet market.
October 22nd
​Singular Aircraft is to begin a flight test certification campaign of its new Flyox I unmanned air vehicle in the next two weeks, starting in the arctic.
October 22nd
The British Antarctic Survey expects to order unmanned vehicles that can carry sensors or spare parts in weather too harsh for manned aircraft.
October 22nd
Towed through a haze of green and yellow smoke, depicting Brazil’s national colours, and columns of fireworks, the civilian-marked KC-390 exited Embraer’s construction hangar in Gavião Peixoto into an apron spot located directly in front of guests at a ro...
October 22nd
Dassault Aviation boss Éric Trappier has congratulated rival Gulfstream on the unveiling of two new models, while also cheekily suggesting that the Savannah firm is merely following in its footsteps.



  • Two new links on the LINKS page, to AeroStudents and to Engineers Edge add more reference material and on line calculators of a broad range of engineering topics.

  • Free program for digitizing curves - CurveSnap, added to Programs page and link to on line curve digitizing site

  • Spreadsheet  on Spreadsheets page for extracting SPC loads from NASTRAN f06 output file

  • Link to MIL SPECS and more specifications, handbooks, on EverySpec  at LINKS page

  • New spreadsheets: stress-strain curve for non linear stress analysis and Neuber Plasticity correction using Ramberg&Osgood material curve added to the Spreadsheets page

  • Link to all regulations and specifications, from EASA, on the Regulations - Aircraft page  

  • New page:  CAD Programs with links for download, free, CAD Programs for 2D and 3D

  • New page:  Compilers with links for download, free, compilers for the most used programs for engineering and research.

  • New link on Links page to NASA site with NASA and NACA Technical reports for downloading.



Sukhoi Su-35 at Paris

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SOLAR IMPULSE: Wonderful engineering work

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