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From Aviation Week & Space Technology
March 9th
Content Source:  Aviation Week & Space Technology H160 Airbus Raises The Stakes. Roundup Cover Image:  read...
March 8th
Airbus Helicopters unveiled the H160 at the Heli-Expo in Orlando, Florida, last week. Airbus photo. The mid-size aircraft will replace the AS365 Dauphin and compete with AgustaWestland’s AW139, Sikorsky’s S-76 a...
March 6th
NORTHROP GRUMMAN licensed its air-flow-through (AFT) cooling technology for electronics to GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS.  ASTRONAUTICS CORP. OF AMERICA will provide its Nexis Helo server and two 6 x 8-in. multi-function color cockpit displays to GM Helic...
March 6th
ORLANDO, Florid—Sikorsky has confirmed that it has abandoned its S-434 light helicopter program. Work on the project ended last summer, Dan Hunter, director of commercial programs at Sikorsky, told Aviation Week at Heli-Expo Helicopter Trade Show &a...
March 6th
Rep. John Culbertson (R-Texas), the new chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that funds NASA, vows to go his predecessor one better in blocking U.S.-Chinese space cooperation. “I’ll keep those restrictions in place and probably ex...
March 6th
/site-files/ North America On Feb. 23rd, Bell Helicopter announced that later this year the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey will participate in Marine Corps’ Exercise Talon Reach to further test ...
From FlightGlobal
March 5th
Singapore has announced plans to replace the nation’s 32 Airbus Helicopters AS332/532 Super Puma/Cougar helicopters within the next ten years.
March 5th
​The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a production certificate for Boeing South Carolina to deliver 787-9 aircraft to customers, the company announced on 5 March.
March 5th
​Marenco Swiss Helicopter is making tweaks to the main rotor hub of the SH-09 light-single based on data from flight tests that began last October.
March 5th
​Sikorsky plans to complete development of a hub-mounted vibration suppressor (HMVS) for helicopters with a follow-up demonstration later this year, says a top engineering executive.
March 5th
Offshore operator Bristow Group has more than trebled its commitment to the Airbus Helicopters H175, becoming the largest customer for the new super-medium rotorcraft with a total order of 17 units.
March 5th
Sikorsky has canceled production of the S434 light single helicopter and divesting two other light helicopter production lines is under consideration, company officials say.



  • Two new links on the LINKS page, to AeroStudents and to Engineers Edge add more reference material and on line calculators of a broad range of engineering topics.

  • Free program for digitizing curves - CurveSnap, added to Programs page and link to on line curve digitizing site

  • Spreadsheet  on Spreadsheets page for extracting SPC loads from NASTRAN f06 output file

  • Link to MIL SPECS and more specifications, handbooks, on EverySpec  at LINKS page

  • New spreadsheets: stress-strain curve for non linear stress analysis and Neuber Plasticity correction using Ramberg&Osgood material curve added to the Spreadsheets page

  • Link to all regulations and specifications, from EASA, on the Regulations - Aircraft page  

  • New page:  CAD Programs with links for download, free, CAD Programs for 2D and 3D

  • New page:  Compilers with links for download, free, compilers for the most used programs for engineering and research.

  • New link on Links page to NASA site with NASA and NACA Technical reports for downloading.



Brazilian KC 390 First Flight - 2015/02/03

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SOLAR IMPULSE: Wonderful engineering work

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